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Solutions For Every Business Need

Specialized and Secure Global Payment Services for Any Business

  • Payments
    Making payments
  • Credit and Debit Card Acquiring and Processing
    Certus offers a wide range of solutions that securely facilitate both credit and debit card transactions for any business conducting online transactions
  • Payouts
    Certus offers the most secure and customized payment solutions in the world
  • Bank Transfers
    Certus provides fast, secure, seamless, and reliable bank transfers that are always accessible, including a revolutionary option to traditional bank wires
  • Alternative payment methods
    Whether you are in Europe, Asia, the United States, or any other global location, Certus offers the most secure and convenient method for making payments.  We offer and accept local bank cards, bank wires, cash, and bar codes
  • Opening bank accounts
    Speed up, simplify, and entrust the historically cumbersome and complicated process of opening bank accounts online by partnering with Certus
  • Tax optimization
    Certus on-staff tax experts are always available to help you navigate your personal tax situation and optimize the amount you owe or will get in return
  • Company registration
    For new companies and individuals looking to start a new entity, whether within the EU or abroad, Certus provides a seamless approach and process for getting you up and running quickly, efficiently, and securely
Company registration
Company registration
Financial solutions

Our goal is helping you exceed your goals.
Let Certus help you put together the right strategy for your online payment solution needs.

Certus Finance has unique expertise in financial transactions across a multitude of different categories.
We're exactly where we want to be. So, we want our customers and partners to feel the same way. We're ready to share our experience and expertise so, let's get closer.

About us

Our work is designed for your comfort

Different payment options. Chose what suits you best.

Wire transfer

Safe and secure. All your payments are protected in accordance with PCI DSS standard. We are the official service provider of VISA and MasterCard.


work with us

Fast onboarding
Certus understands the getting a company up and running quickly is of the utmost importance.  Certus prides itself on the fact that the company provides the industry's fastest onboarding.  Minimal paperwork, very few questions, and only two weeks are needed to gain approval from our stable of leading global banks to get you up and running fast
Real experience of working with T2, T3 countries
Unlike many payment solution providers, Certus is keely aware of the strategies needed to be employed when working within regions such as CIS, India, and Africa, among others. We've cultivated a global presence and have a decades of experience with working across many vertical markets across every region of the world.
We work with non-adjustable verticals
No matter your or your clients' location, Certus conducts business in the toughest of environments, including non-regulated countries. Certus is more than able to service your needs. Contact our team for more details.
Experience of employees in processing for over 20 years
Our team of professionals have over 20 years of experience managing payment solutions for the world's leading organizations; uniquely positioning us to provide the solutions and support when and where you need it most. Simply contact our team to start the process of getting where you need to be.

Your personal portal

Our portal boasts an extensive range of features to give you an intuitive yet customizable interface, meeting all of your business needs. It'll quickly become one of your everyday favourite tools.
Receive transaction data and perform the necessary operations in a few clicks: return operations (refund, reversal, void), payments (OCT / PT, Mass-payment), confirmation autorization / capture, claim work (chargebacks, notifications). Also generate multidimensional reports, analyze your business's payment trends, and increase metrics.
A specialized section of your personal account is dedicated to risk management. Here you can independently manage security settings, create black lists to block users, maps, addresses, countries, etc. The functionality of the account will allow you to make convenient selections and change processing rules in accordance with your needs.

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Integration and compliance

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