Certus Finance

Safe processing for casino / gambling projects

Features of casino processing

All the good online gambling companies need to provide its customers with a chance to play right here and right now. It means you need to have quick and stable payment processing as a must. Also you need to use different pay-out services to pay up wins. And for sure you need to be sure that all the payments are safe and under fraud-prevention control.

What you get

  • 1. Global cooperation

    We will check all the possibilities to work with your company - even if it is incorporated at offshores.

  • 2. Minimum geo limits

    Accept payments from players worldwide and make your business more profitable.

  • 3. Different pay-out options

    Perform wins pay-outs to bank card or bank account, qiuck and easy.

Financial conditions

Commission fee

Rolling reserve

Safe deposit

10%/180 days
Setup fee

Charges from the first two payments

4000 $
  • What do I get if I choose Certus Finance?

    Once you become our partner you will get stable, safe and flexible payment solution for a long time. We are focus on high-risk processing and we will find an optimal solution for your special benefit.

  • What do I need to do to get this solution?

    There are three simple steps: get in touch with our manager and discuss your special offer; provide us with KYC documents and sign an agreement; perform easy integration – and you may start accept payments on your website.

  • My project was rejected by other payment companies. Will you start working with me?

    Certus Finance high-qualified security team will perform full KYC procedures; it will takes about couple of days. The chance on positive desicion will on the rise if you will provide us with a full package of documents we need and there will be no corrections on your website.

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